Can You See Me?

“Can you see me?” Asked the toddler From just behind the door Eyes twinkling through the cracks Toes tapping on the floor. That laugh rang out in the house Promises of so much more.   “Can you see me?” Challenged the teenager From just outside the door. Flashing moods and misunderstandings Fists clenched against the […]

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Food For Thought – Five Things Women Do That Destroy Relationships

I’ve just been thinking a lot about female friendships lately. I am grateful for the handful of women that I know who exemplify character and integrity, faith and trustworthiness.   Roxi, Julie, Kristin, & Desiree have been amazing examples of women who love their homes and families long before I had a home and family of […]

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Bookish Thoughts

The Last Closet – A Reaction and A Call to Arms

It is one of the most prolific insults in the limited repertoire used by liberals and self-styled champions of the left alike. A favorite turd to throw at conservatives and, well, let’s be honest, anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda, those who disagree are… Wait for it…. Dumb. Neanderthals. Deplorable. Despicable. Almost as though […]

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Finding Peace

I’m Too Busy Living For #MeToo

I don’t often add caveats after the fact.  Actually, in more than 13 years of blogging, this is the first time.   So here it is. I am not ridiculing or belittling those who simply said #metoo. In this article, I am deliberately and specifically calling out those emotionally or otherwise profiteering on pain and capitalizing […]

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Housework: The Cold Hard Truth

Well, now that I have your attention, let’s talk about building that house from the ground up, throwing out the garbage, and living like women of integrity. Since I wrote the first article, Housework: You’re Doing It Wrong, I have been accused of being too harsh. Some have said that I am cold and calculating. […]

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