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20 Things I Love…Seriously

May 15, 2011

1.  I love information. I read encyclopedias and dictionaries.  The etymology of words fascinates me.  Lexicons, archaeological research into the construction of language and the cultural adaptation of words. Delightful.

2. I am a sucker for a brilliant conversationalist.  I will love you for your mind. I have learned, recently, that engaging in lengthy, focused conversations can lead to your motives being misunderstood. I really was just loving your mind.  Despite what my intensity may have led you to believe.

3. I love carbonation. Bubble in my throat make me happy.

4.I love heavy bass.  The thump, thump, thump that resonates in my chest.  Love it.

5. I love shoes.  Funky, clunky, spikey, red, patent…  I just want them to be interesting.  A person’s shoes say a lot about them, y’know!

6.  I love to read.  When I want to mentally escape I love science fiction and fantasy.  When I want to learn something I want biographies.

7.  I love action movies.  War movies.  Big BANG. epic, cataclysmic movies.  I don’t want to cry in a movie, I want to cheer for the person with the biggest guns and I love clear good v. evil.

8. I love no-bleed through Sharpie pens.  Colored inks.  Blue/Black is boring.

9.  I love to sort, file, fold and organize.  I love to clear out closets and de-clutter.

10.  I love to write about, talk about, sing about and share about what matters most to me.  That is my passion.   And what matters most to me is my God, my beloved husband and the sons we’ve been given.

11.  I love being unpredictable and evaluating a perspective that causes me to risk the boundaries I have imposed on myself.

12. I love lipstick and mascara.  Don’t leave home without either.

13.  I love feeding people I care about.   Whether that is through biblical discussion or black bean brownies, I love to bring sustenance in any way I can.

14. I love teapots.   At the moment I have at least 12.  Cast iron, Japanese, a brown betty, fine china with hand painted pansies.  Antique, modern stainless steel.  I love teapots. I only have 2 tea cups.  I drink tea from coffee mugs.

15. I love to iron.  See #9.  I love to starch and press linens.

16. I love Sherlock Holmes.  My favorite superhero.

17.  I love to be outdoors.  Not just on the porch but far into the country where there is only the sound of what God created, not what we have built.

18.  I love critters.  Cats, dogs, horses…  Scared little squirrels and baby voles who need rescuing.

19.  I love my husband’s calloused hands.

20.  I love that God has brought enough healing into my life that a list of things I love is this long and the need to compensate with defensive satire or sarcasm is absolutely unnecessary.

  • cruft

    Do you have or subscribe to the OED? After reading “the professor and the madman” I have been passionately unable to afford it. Never found a used set and the yearly subscription is $300! Should your husband ever ask what you want tell him the OED every year. And get “the professor and the madman”. Maranatha Ps;m you ought to see my french bulldog “Shiolh”.

  • What I have loved in the past is now beyond my reach, so now I love nothing. Having lost the capacity, it turns out to have not been so useful after all.

  • PH, you break my heart. And for someone who scored lower than a high functioning person with Asperbergers, that’s saying something.

    cruft, OED? Oh heck yeah! 🙂

  • cruft

    PH, Your blog shows a church and you can’t love? Hey I live in Richmond, that is for the next 2 weeks. We can get together and bore each other to death. That solves your problem. I wish I could show you my unfired JP Enterprises CTR-02 in 6.5 Grendel but packed away. Going to Las Vegas with the world”s greatest shooting range beckons. Hope to see Res at some point. Anyhow you’re a professor and you actually believe you have lost the capacity to love. I say not possible. Calls for beer, ribs and talk. Want to to to Buz & Nedds you up for it? Wait a minute you love your AR-15! I win (8^)

  • Cruft,
    My blog shows a church? It is supposed to be a school.

    Why would anyone have an unfired firearm? The mind. It boggles. Grendal? Well, I suppose some people are only capable of shooting at short range. Whatever works for you.

    I am not allowed to meet people I find on the internet. It’s gay. Next thing you know, we’ll start texting each other and then I’ll have to get facebook.

    I only “like” my AR. It is pretty high maintenance so far and still not giving me what I really want. But even if it were perfect, that isn’t love. Having once seen it, I know what love looks like.

  • Doom

    I have many loves as well. Some of them people. One of them used to be a fiancee (brat, twit, eco-freak, and girl that she is, hrumph). As dark and dubious and doubtful, even full of pain as my life is, I still love deeply. I, of course, don’t trust it. But, uhrm, love is faith-based and when deep… can handle when doubt is correct. Yeah, right, but that’s as I see it.

    I actually hope you are not completely serious, PH. (d?) :p Even if I have no love(r), I enjoy even the occasional flirt as if I was a boy meeting the first girl I saw as such. I enjoy the notion that “she” might be around the next corner. And, without any real design or true logical hope, I still… look for “her”. Anyway. I honestly hope you are overstating things. Barring that, I hope God finds a way to your heart through a woman you didn’t see coming. And I hope it hurts really good! (in the better of ways, of course, and more or less as these things truly exist).

  • @ doom,
    Barring that, I hope God finds a way to your heart through a woman you didn’t see coming.

    My wife would not approve. But thanks for trying.

  • Spacebunny

    I’m afraid of what #5 says about me. I love shoes – particularly black Italian leather boots, but mostly I love to go barefoot. I used to go riding barefoot occasionally and yes, I know it’s stupid. Getting your barefoot stepped on my a large mammal is not fun.

  • Doom


    Yeah, but if you go ahead and follow my advice, you won’t see one of those women coming eventually. But if your luck is anything like mine, the one you will miss will be the one with the cast iron frying pan who isn’t there with that to cook you breakfast. Would make for a good story about why your skull is dinged or squared a bit though.

  • Doom,
    If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting I engage in some form of multiple romantic entanglement specifically for the purpose of encouraging one or more of them to whack me on the head with a blunt object?

    My, you do live it up. But personally, I have nothing to offer that any sane women should want, and I have already caught my limit of the other kind.

    As an aside, My skull IS already dinged and the story is not at all interesting. Deep diving into a shallow river.

  • Thank you! Seriously! I really do appreciate this post. Now I can point to you when my children tease me about reading the dictionary, writing with unusually-colored pens and my love of Sherlock Holmes. You are my proof that I’m not so weird after all. 😉