November 16, 2006

I have to introduce ya’ll to Dina. She’s my niece. A marvelous, intelligent, beautiful young thing. It’s blatantly obvious that we are related.

So boys…. Behave.

  • farmer Tom

    It’s blatantly obvious that we are related.

    Tell your husband that I still think you are better looking. Although I liked the one of the previous pictures better.

  • Erik

    I see the resemblance. I think you’re both cute. (o=

  • heidi

    FT, well haven’t you just showed up to flatter the hell out of me this week.

    I am impervious to such things. Impervious I tell you.

    So, flatter me some more!

    Just kidding.

    Sort of.


  • AspergantuS

    I think she’s beautiful, and yes… blatanly obvious… the good looks gene is strong in this one…

    I’m not sure if I’ve told you this, but thank you for adding my blog to your site. I am honored…

  • heidi

    My pleasure A. I enjoy your writing!