November 18, 2006

Be still my beating heart.

Went and saw Casino Royale last night. The latest Bond girl wasn’t as amazing as I would have expected. But the new Bond?


Some of the best lines Ever. Especially in the torture scene. You gotta see it.

Really well done. He reminded me of modern Steve McQueen. How lovely for me. I’ve always thought Mr. McQueen was simply marvelous!

  • Pablo

    Yeah, I saw it yesterday too. Great, wasn’t it? As for the Bond girls, they reminded me of the Bond girls in the 70’s, which in a way was kind of appropriate because they’re addressing his beginnings (yes I know Bond started in the early 60’s, but the 70’s style is adaptable to today’s fashion, whereas the 60’s style…). In any case, I really liked it. The next one should be great!

  • MikeT

    I AALLLMOST got to see it yesterday. Damn, I wish I had because I was looking forward to it. Hopefully this weekend after thanksgiving, though.

  • Difster

    I do want to see it but I was initially turned off by it due to reports that Daniel Craig is very anti-gun but then he plays an assassin. Basically, I heard that he was being a real weenie.

    Even so, I’m willing to give it a shot.