November 27, 2006

I’m supposed to be working right now. But you won’t tell if I don’t, right?

Thanksgiving was a mindbending blitz of turkey, stuffing and amaretto cranberry sauce. Ego aside, I am a fantastic cook and prefer my Thanksgiving to anywhere else I could have gone. Is it arrogant to be honest?

Don’t answer that….

My friend Marie called yesterday. She asked me if I would lead the worship for her husband’s memorial service. They are planning it together while he is still here. They are very excited because he made it to Thanksgiving but she can’t sleep. She doesn’t want to miss the moment, the second he passes. She can’t bear the thought of him being alone.

I. Can’t. Imagine.

It’s been a busy day after a busy weekend of late nights and lots of fellowship. I am so thankful for a group of amazing friends. But I really would like to get home before 2am on a more regular basis.

I was going to write something wonderful and ended up with an episode of “dear diary”. Sorry.

I have a couple of thoughts for a more political/commentary type post but I have to work up the passion to get the words to fly. And Heroes is on tonight and I’m not sure if they really did save the cheerleader and what the HELL happened to Hiro?

So, I may not write anything.