November 27, 2006

The Family is worried about me.

How sweet. How freakin’ sweet.

Does my email work? Is my cell phone working? Please return my calls! And then some weird ass card from my sister calling me her dearest confidante….


32 years of being overlooked and discarded can’t be undone in 2 weeks of “concern”.

But don’t worry, I’ll play nice.

They get the cheery mass email and phone call tomorrow.


  • Pablo

    Hmmm, I wonder why they’re so concerned all of a sudden?

  • heidi

    I sincerely have NO idea! I’m good. The kids are good. The Mr. is good.

    And I know they’re all talking about me for it to all converge right now. And I have a fairly large family, 6 siblings + parents & extended fam.

    Like I said before, whatever.

  • MikeT

    A certain family member of mine who saw fit to not talk to me for about 1.5 years has recently decided to start talking to me too. Out of the blue, almost. Gotta love family, sometimes. Why don’t you go out and see the new Bond movie and forget about it?

  • Billiam

    I sometimes stop calling family and certain friends to see if they’ll think to call me. Most of the family eventually calls. Hardly any former friends who I now consider acquaintances. Family usually ask “why haven’t you called?” I let this slide with family. They’re blood.

  • Dina

    well i havent heard anything, if that helps….wish it wasnt so wierd that they care or whatever they are doing….but i know the feeling, when my dad calls i almost have to ask who it is on the phone…and he always has some weird advice to give me. after a life time of nothing.

  • heidi


    It does help! I’m so glad we’re the normal ones. 😉