December 3, 2006

From Pretty Lady, And I know it sounds sensational and all, but I was fascinated with how the quiz was conducted. Pretty fun, considering the other addictive ridiculous things I enjoy.

  • Birdie

    Looks like I’m the one copying off your homework this time! I got “escape artist”, too.

  • Pablo

    I was “The Hunter”.
    Hmmm, I like that.

  • jay c

    Vigilante. But my guns are in storage. I had to hide them from my s-t-bXw.

  • Arielle

    The Bubble.

    That quiz needs some additional answers.

  • Billiam

    I’m the Hunter. Glad I don’t have to survive on what I catch! I’d starve!! LOL

  • Erik

    I got the same as Arielle. And boy oh boy is it wrong!

  • Steve B

    I’m The Bubble also, like Arielle. Is that a bad thing??