December 4, 2006

4 weeks and a few hours ago, we walked into our back door (because that’s the way our house is laid out) with a small bundle of whimpering fur.

We had, quite nobly, decided to name our little puppy Samwise Gamgee of LOTR fame and character.

But alas, as we sat here tonight eating unbelieveably good chicken pot pie with cornmeal crust *takes a bow* we realized that our little dog was not quite as noble as we had hoped.

Nay, he is a scamp and has a floppy ear too.

So, we abandoned the high and lofty naming of the canine companion and have heretofore renamed him…..


It fits. Like you wouldn’t believe. Sue me.

  • Birdie

    We had a cat once that started off with the name Pumpkin and somehow ended up being called Bold and Bad (and it fit like you wouldn’t believe).

    Besides, what would we sue you for anyway? The right to rename your puppy? Perhaps we could follow that up with suing you for the right to rename your children, or perhaps even your blog? lol

    Go forth and enjoy your puppy, even if he is named Scooby. 😉

  • MikeT

    In college I had a friend would followed me around, sometimes talking like Samwise Gamchee. It was his schtick I guess. Surprised people though because oddly enough, we did sort of fit into the Frodo and Samwise molds then.

  • CrazyJo

    When I was a wee one (hee hee – I feel so old now) we had a little calico kitten, sweet as can be, named Flower. We gave her to my grandparents as a gift. Within months her name changed from Cactus Flower to just plain ol’ Cactus. And it fit like you didn’t want to believe. How could one sweet little kitten grow up to become so dang mean (and grow what seemed like 20 pairs of claws)! My grandpa had to use gloves to handle her. I called her the “3 stroke” cat, because if you managed to get 3 strokes in before she turned and shredded your hand you were doing good.

    Maybe the Indian practice of changing names as life and maturity deemed was a pretty good one after all.