July 2, 2006

Superman returns. And he looks good in tights. And briefs and a cape. This incarnation is super pretty and super melancholy.

But what is it about Superman that draws us? That draws me?

I think it’s the Clark Kent ordinary of our everyday that begs us to be extraordinary. What if we all had a super power? What if behind the soccer mom and blue collar dad was a strength of mythic proportion? A brilliant intellect, a sterling character that could change the world.

On the surface we identify with the sadness of unrequited love, the desire to be loved for our true selves and not the image or persona we present to the world. But it’s the undeniable attraction of being more than we appear to be that resonates with the masses.

For a few brief moments we are strong enough, we are determined enough. We are the answer to every struggle, every issue. Men believe they become the ultimate solution. Women believe they truly can save everyone.

The Superman Effect.

A superhero wearing glasses. A legend behind a stuffy suit and an ordinary life.