September 23, 2009

Remember when blogging was new and fun and there were lots of interesting discussions that didn’t devolve into ridiculousity?

Me too.

I was reading through old emails and found a few from Bane.  Miss him.   Found some from Digital Cowboy.  What the heck happened to him?   Dif helped me out a few times with “technical difficulties”…

That’s one of the downsides of this digital community.   It’s so easy to float off to the next brain tease or pixelated opinion or image.

And I miss it! 🙂

Perhaps I should write more interesting things.  Commentary that invites conversation instead of merely observations.  Meh.. I don’t know.  Maybe I should take a page out of Bane’s rule book and write every day even if what I’m writing is stoopid.

Or maybe I should venture forth, comment and invite commentary.   That’s what worked before.

I just miss ya’ll.  I guess that’s what I’m sayin’.   My sweatpants-on-the-weekend blogfriends.

Of course you probably just got tired of my incessant whining over the last year.   I wouldn’t blame you a bit.

But if I beg pretty will you come back for a visit?  And comment?


With home-made falafel on top?

  • I’ve been visiting again for the last couple of months. Lurking. I always enjoy reading what you write but I so often feel that I have nothing meaningful to contribute, and that people will get tired of me simply saying “howdy.”

  • Doom

    Weird, but she took the words right out of my mouth, to if memory serves, even to when I began lurking again.

    Being without family, I find it quite a pleasure to look in and read how your life and family is going, nestled into your fine senses of faith and tradition. Innocently, like watching a family of birds or some such, though more vital and important of course. I try to not comment, as I can be… acerbic or draconian at times, and… am not always welcome. And I understand.

    But, you rang.

  • Pablo

    Like the others, I drop in here every so often to keep track of what’s going on in the Pebble Chaser’s world. I may not comment much but I always enjoy my visits!

  • Ya’ll are sweet. 🙂 See, that’s why I’ve missed our conversations!

    Arielle, I love your perspective and articulation. (that’s a word, right?). Doom… Your ascerbic perceptions are welcome.

    Pablo, Pablo, Pablo… The Canadian influence. I like your brain. In fact, I only like you for your brain. Which if I knew you at all outside of the blog-world, that might be construed as an insult. 🙂

  • I discovered you only a couple of months ago when I was starting through rather negative churchy sorts of stuff and I ran across your story of rather negative churchy sorts of stuff. I watch you regularly now and enjoy much of what you write but I too am more of a lurker (in most places – not just here) than an active participant.

    As I said though – I do enjoy reading what you write. Much of it shows a rather greater amount of seasoning than is usually found in one of relatively fewer years (than mine anyway).

  • Heidi,

    You should know Birdie and I are always around. Struggling of late, but who isn’t. I am often encouraged by your writings.

    I need to write to you and the Mr. I feel bad for asking you to help and then completely dropping the ball due to my “crisis of faith”. It has been a hard row but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and I am sure it is not a train.

    G_d Bless

  • farmer Tom

    I’m still around,…..

    I miss the pictures of you, you’re cute,..

    but mostly I just avoid posting anything because, frankly you have friends who treat the Word of God as a smorgassboard,

    and I really don’t have the time or patience for that kind of thinking,….

    so I’ll just sit back, watch, and see what happens next, ….

    I’m sure your friends will give you lots of advice, just like Job’s friends, …………

  • Jason

    “but mostly I just avoid posting anything because, frankly you have friends who treat the Word of God as a smorgassboard,

    and I really don’t have the time or patience for that kind of thinking,….”


    You must be referring to me?

  • I’ve been missing everyone, too.

  • I’m still around as well. Life has gotten in the way of hobbies (again) but I haven’t totally dropped off the planet.

  • My comments have fallen off lots lately, but on the other hand I know I haven’t written much that’s been comment worthy. Life can get overwhelming sometimes. And gosh, I miss that old crankypants Bane as well.

  • Joelle

    I’m late, but then that is nothing new. 🙂

    I miss the sense of community from a couple years ago, myself.

    These days I’m just so busy with school work and chasing kidderbeans that I don’t get to catch up on my favorite blogs as much as I’d like. Though I do lurk several times a month, at least.

    Like Arielle, even when I do read I often don’t feel like I have anything worth contributing.

  • Hiya. I’m around–I check in from time-to-time.