December 28, 2006

Children are good for several things. One is that we learn to love without the expectation of a positive response. Another highly spiritual reason is that we learn how much better to relate to our Heavenly Father.

But today, my 7 year old is making me laugh. All day.

First up. “Mom! I just saw two kids! And they are the same size and their birthday is today and they’re the same age!

Mom says, “Really? I bet they are twins!”

The boy squints, shakes his head and says, “Yeah, but I’ve never met twins the same age before!”

That’s my little homeschooler….

Then just now he rushes into the office beaming with pride!

“Mom I listened to my fart just now!”


“Yeah! I farted and instead of just sitting there I went to the bathroom! And I really had to poop!”

That’s my boy.

The Fart Whisperer.

  • CrazyJo

    That had me laughing! Aren’t boys fun?