July 5, 2006

Talent show, American Idol, variety shows… Remember the “Gong Show”?

I love these little exposes on the human drive to be Unique, Remarkable and Extraordinary. I am repulsed by the level of sheer narcissism and greed any one human being can possess while lacking any appreciable performance variety talent. I am always astonished at the very young and their sparkle and talent and the very old and their bitterness.

I was sitting here pondering these young ones and their twinkling eyes as they drank in the accolades. They stand breathless, clutching their large mics to pounding chests. I wondered about the 99.8% of the rest of us who are in fact quite ordinary.

No, I’m not discounting the G-d given Divine Brilliance in each individual. Some diamonds are indeed more rough than others and some people settle for CZ when they were intended for greater purpose, but you get my drift. Roll with me on this one.

So, I wrote a song and it goes a little something like this…

C Em/C G/F C/F (intro)

(isn’t it quite lovely?)

Yes, I am a smartass…

As of yet Untitled…

You can dream a lot of dreams
In the hours between
A goodnight kiss and the morning light

When nothing seems too far
You forget who you are
You lose yourself in the magic of what if

But what if I never become famous?
With the songs that I can sing.
What if the music fades and I’m on center stage?
What if the lights blind me to reason?
What if my heart begins to wander?
What if I find that I am far away from home?

In the morning it seems
That all the pretty dreams
Have vanished like ghosts in the mist.
And this ordinary life
Where I ‘m Mommy and I’m Wife
Carries me through in the beauty of what is.

So what if I never become famous.
With the songs that I still sing.
So what if the music fades,
I’m not on center stage.
The lights will never cloud my vision.
My heart remains secure.
I will never be far from my home

Every day the spark
Of being true to who you are
Is challenged by the mystery of what if.
So, Baby, raise your eyes again
Live the life that you’ve been given
Never look back to where you’ ve been.

And maybe you will become famous
With the songs that you will sing.
But what if the music fades
When you’re on center stage.
And what if the lights blind you to reason?
What if your heart begins to wander?
Remember you’ll never be too far away from home.

(cut to ad lib soulful, lyrical ending which has yet to be written)