March 5, 2007

Raspberry the Incontinent, defiler of laundry baskets, bath mats and carpets. The feline wonder who sometimes leaves “almond roca” for the puppy to discover. Such a giving little kitty.

Raspberry the Senile. At the slightest noise she’s off to hide under the bed. I’ve caught her sitting on my bed with hind leg up over her head and look of confusion on her little face. “What was I doing here again?” She’ll just sit there for the longest time.

She’s a sweetie. But she’s old. We’ve had her for almost 8 years and she was 6 when we got her. I can’t correct her behavior and she’s terrified of almost everything. When she remembers that she’s supposed to be terrified. She yells at me when I don’t feed her fast enough.

Age has claimed most of her teeth. She’s got a couple fangs and a couple molars so eating is painful and difficult and she’s getting skinnier and skinnier. She wolfs her food down and then barfs all over the place.

Raspberry loves to hear me play the piano and sing. It’s the only “loud” noise she can handle.

So today the Mr. is taking her in to have her put down. No more kitty boxes, no more snags in my clothes. No more head bumps and drooling on my knee. No more cat hair on every sweater, no more sleepy faces peeking up out of my sock drawer. The season of cats is over for us. Onto the season of dogs…