April 8, 2007

Tonight in a haze of cheap wine, cloves, cigar smoke and back yard fire pit sparks I had an inspiration.

A bra with a concealed holster in it. For those women blessed with Actual Cleavage which would, therefore, create a “space” for a smaller caliber weapon.


The Bralster… Or is it the Holstra? Hm…. Apparently I’m not the first person to consider the idea, though I do think my name is better than Super Bra.

For men, I’ve thought of the Jockster. but then perhaps that would be for less well endowed men who have “room to spare” in their boxers/briefs. And since no one would admit to that, they probably won’t sell well. You don’t even want to know what I ran across whilst Googling to see if that thought had ever been had . . .

Also had the inspiration for a bra lined with explosives. Adds a couple of cup sizes and Achmedette will be prepared to send herself to Valhalla or Paradise or just in tiny bits all over the street. We call it the Unaboober. Thinking we might go international and sell to Palestinian occupied Israel or maybe even the Murderers of Innocent Women & Children Bombers of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Burkha optional.

Or maybe not. I’m thinking the patents on the Unaboober might be a bit rough to get.