April 17, 2007

Just wondering why the leftist liberal gun control idiots aren’t showing the mug shots of who they consider to be the “real killers” at Virginia Tech. This 23 year old lunatic purveyor of evil will get the sympathy card since he was “misunderstood”, “alienated”, “depressed” and “in need of understanding.”

Cuz Cho made some poor choices, but those guns? They’re the real killers. And then they’ll try to come after my freedom to bear arms.

The mental midgets who are terrified and appalled by this tragedy will vote and lobby for more “gun control. Why? Because their little Johnnie and Susie are spending the 2nd mortgage on some degree at University. Because Sam and Jessica are at the local high school.

Reason 4,205 why I home-school and encourage my kids to educate themselves. Reason 6,962 why I think the college/university system is a joke and synonymous with free sex, drugs, liberal brainwashing and indoctrination of squishy little open minds.

You want a real education?

Live. For real.