May 10, 2007

It has recently come to my attention that it is presumptuous and arrogant for a woman to seek to educate men on being manly. I tend to agree. However, since my opinions stem primarily from being around Manly Men enough that I can spot the counterfeit variety. I believe I am well equipped to point out the discrepancies as I see them.

Veteran blogger and self-proclaimed sociopath (my bad) Bane of BaneRants has this to say about women who tell men how to behave

Guys? If you go to a woman for advice on how to be a man…

Well, just examine that line. For a minute. I’ll wait.

Okay, would you go to her for advice on how to buy high heel shoes, too? I am so sick and tired of broads opining on how men ‘should be’ I could puke. Okay… blogging, I get that. Your opinion, your blog, what you want in a man, fine.

His blog and verbage are not for the faint of heart or easily offended so be aware if you venture his direction.

I experienced a small twinge when I read what he wrote and in typical female fashion (which makes me nauseated as I think I succumbed to anything typically female) I became compelled to ask if my most recent post did, indeed, cross the line into a pitiable attempt at squashing manliness into a pretty pink box? That’s just wrong.

Because if you read what I wrote and went there? You obviously have no sense of humor. Not to mention Real Men wouldn’t take direction from a silly little blog anyway! Hm….

So, as Bill O’Reilly would say, “What say you?”