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20 Random Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon

February 25, 2010
  1. Today I will behave better than I feel like behaving.
  2. A fire in the stove makes me feel warmer even though the heat doesn’t even get over to this side of the room.
  3. My dog barks at the “doorbell” ring tone on my phone.  I don’t know if this makes him smart or stupid.
  4. Doing the flashing light dare on Facebook seemed like such a good idea at the time.   By the third epileptic seizure I figured I should let Janet beat my score for enduring the longest.
  5. I now have an insatiable urge to smoke marijuana and join a cult.
  6. That was a joke.
  7. In a fit of nostalgia I Googled an old boyfriends name and found out his wife is friends with the daughter of my piano teacher when I was 12.  Dude.  Degrees of separation DO exist.
  8. It makes me feel  creepy that I figured that out.  But also like a cyber-ninja… er… stalker.
  9. There are days I feel social and weeks that I feel anti-social.   This is one of those weeks.   And I’ve had a bajillion phone calls, 2 crisis and an Important Prayer Request since 9:30 this morning.
  10. I am determined NOT to say the first snarky comment that pops into my head.  I may say the second or third.
  11. My husband LOUDLY declared to a friend that he is “not responsible for the things” his wife says.   I think he meant to insult me but it still makes me giggle.
  12. It probably should encourage me to higher levels of tact and discretion.
  13. Responding by sayind “Bite me!” Is not the higher level.
  14. Why is it that after a weekend away from my house, my responsibilities and my children I want another weekend to be left completely alone so that THEN I can feel rested?
  15. Does knowing that the possibly negative outcome of a situation could cause bitterness actually prepare you to behave in a more righteous manner?  Or does it make you all mad and volcano-ish on the inside?  Like the bitterness is just waiting to show up?  Or not waiting.  As it were.
  16. Found a great English saddle at an estate sale last weekend for $45. English made, excellent leather,  completely re-fitted.  While freaking out about spending any money on myself I found a set of Victorian cuff links in an old jewelry box I had stashed away.  Value of cuff links?  $45  Felt like G-d Himself bought me a present.  I don’t know.  It certainly felt like it.  I don’t suppose He could also make my husband more amenable to me riding more than once in a blue moon?
  17. The love of chocolate chip cookies is more likely to be the root of all evil in my life than the love of money.
  18. I love the shows Psych, Castle and White Collar.     The common denominator seems to be  a leading character with an absence of character and a healthy dose of sarcastic Tourrette’s.
  19. I want a self-cleaning kitchen.   It would make me a better person.
  20. I’ve been coloring and cutting my own hair for almost a year now and I have better hair than I have had in years.   This makes me sad because I LOVE having someone else to blame for a bad hair day.

Well…  That’s all, folks.

  • wendy

    I love Castle!

  • That’s all? That is quite a lot.

  • Over-sharing is the gift I give to both my readers.

  • you make me laugh so hard, dear girl. i miss hanging out with you. wish we could meet at beanery (the OLD one– is the new one even still around??) for coffee… your list is YOU.

  • A little more ‘cut loose’ than I recall seeing you before. This is good. I knew there was more to Heidi behind the porcelain shell.