May 18, 2007
…I’ve done a baaad thing…

I learned how to make a malted vanilla almond milkshake.

I had whipped cream in the fridge too.

I didn’t need to know how absolutely, marvelously, beyond my ability to resist this would be.

You can’t possibly know how painfully lactose intolerant I am…

Oh, but that was the best 10 minutes of the last several days.

I made noises that should not be made over simple desserts.

Damn the consequences. Sometimes you gotta just live a little! The fact I will be in tears later this afternoon whilst I’m off doing Very Important Things doesn’t make me cringe. Much. Add to it that I can’t say a word about it to my husband lest I become the focus of yet another tirade on being a complete moron and giving into such a simple temptation and you have my day perfectly.

So… I will suck it up and smile… Get a salad for dinner, drink Pepto like it’s water and hope to goodness this was a good intestine day.

Ya’ll so wanted to hear that, didn’t you?