May 21, 2007

Last night we went to McMennamins for a movie and dinner. Bridge to Terebithia was slightly amusing, generally entertaining and, in light of the last week or so of our lives, mildly disturbing.

After movie and dinner we toodled ourselves on foot around the downtown of our small but fair city. As we rounded the corner, returning to our trusty vehicle, my 9 year old son grabbed my hand. For the 12th time in an hour. I told him I “didn’t want to hold hands” and he proceeded to have his feelings very much hurt.

Now, I do realize how wonderful it is to have a 9 year old boy in my life who is not only willing to hold my hand but grabs it and is offended when I don’t comply.

Here’s the cute part:

Husband: Hey, it’s ok. One thing you’ve got to know about women. They’ve got a lot of opinions.

Son: But I just wanted to hold Mom’s hand! *sniff, lower lip protruding*

Husband: But she wanted to do something different. And you need to be alright with that. A woman without opinions is strange and boring. Someday you’ll want to marry a woman with strong opinions. Life is always interesting.

Son: Someone like Mom?

Husband: We always have lots to talk about and we challenge each other to think about different perspectives.

Son: That’s cool.

I’m 4-5 paces ahead smiling to myself and thinking… I love that man.

How blessed am I!