May 22, 2007
Being a homeschooler:

Pancake breakfasts on Wednesday just because.

Waking up the boys at midnight to go look at the stars.

Walking the butte at 9am and reading our bibles at the top as part of our PE and Spirituality classes. 😉

Naps in the afternoon while listening to classical music (Music Appreciation).

Having several bad days all in a row but knowing you have to learn to work it out cuz no one is going anywhere. Our family is as good as we make it, by the grace of G-d.

Having a 9 year old boy who holds my hand in public and a 7 year old boy who is completely comfortable being cuddled at a restaurant.

Spontaneous lunch dates with friends and playing at parks. Even when you should be “schooling”.

Children who can carry on conversations with friends of all ages.

Boys who call 76 year old women “girls” because they don’t see how “old” they see “interesting”.