June 6, 2007
10 Reasons I’m Not a Feminist

1. I like to shave my armpits

2. I’m not afraid of men.

3. I believe the womb should be a safe place.

4. Lipstick is my friend

5. Getting my own way is a nice benefit, not a mandate for my existence.

6. I’m not a lesbian. Closet or otherwise.

7. I believe G-d created men and women as different beings on purpose

8. I believe human beings are intelligent creatures and able to make their own choices even if their genitalia is different from mine.

9. I think women in the military and politics are 99.9% a hazard and .01% beneficial.

10. Hillary Clinton is not my heroine. Although she does tempt me to entertain the thought of heroin…

Just in case you were wondering…