June 8, 2007

When someone tells me Christians should put their children in education so that other children can “see Jesus” I often wonder.

“Do you truly believe this is the only way our children can be light to unbelievers?” And if so, “How pathetic are we?”

Saw some Michael W. Smith Live In Concert. He embarrasses me. In that vicarious “we are all Christians” weird cousin sort of way. Lyrics: “You and me” mumble mumble passionate declaration head toss. “Me” *pounds chest* “and you” *gestures expansively at adoring middle aged chubby patronesses in the front row as they swoon in their Lane Bryant and short little middle aged hair do’s. Is that really cool or am I just seriously out of the CCM loop. Seems a conflict of interest to attempt to “sing to worship G-d” while writing music to please the masses.

Heading off to the rodeo. In honor of the event the Mr. has deigned to wear a cowboy (ok Aussie) hat. He modeled it whilst wearing only a towel and the hat. Damn! Seeing as he’s 95% Territory Ahead, Banana Republic, Patagonia dirtbag and 5% Ralph Lauren it was odd to see him in cowboy get up of any kind.

Change is good.

Dollars are better.

C-notes are best.

I’m wearing jeans, a psychedelic headscarf, grey designer sweater and Born wedge shoes. I plan to stick out.

Or compete for rodeo clown.

Tomorrow I overscheduled myself. Again.

I have a crush on Sam Elliot. Look him up. His voice gives me goosebumps. And I love the sideways look. Yummy.

Grey hair is sexy.

Saw a red muscle car today. Shiny chrome, perfect finish, black leather interior.

I ogled. I love cars. Especially cars that rumble and purr.

MWAH! Have a great weekend!