June 11, 2007

Did you know Michael W. Smith started a church? I didn’t. New River Fellowship. Nashville, Tennessee. Didn’t know that until this last Saturday as I sat at a local mexican restaurant discussing immigration reform, Fred Thompson and our need for the waiter to actually come take the freakin’ order.

Very interesting conversation was had by all. We met some new folks who are returning to Central Oregon from Nashville where they are attending the aforementioned New River Fellowship. Interestingly enough, the church seems to be full of young single women. Odd. Whodathunkit?

As we parted ways my brilliant and loveable husband suggests they should “read Heidi’s blog”. I wanted to disappear a little. Ya’ll remember what I wrote on Friday? Yeah…. And then to top it off? He’s an editor. Right, like I need that kind of pressure when I’m writing out my deep, philosophical, slightly vulgar comments on life. Uh huh.

Just wanted to let you know that life is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction.