June 17, 2007

Happy Father’s Day… Just because.

Because you cried when you held the babies for the first time and still somehow managed to look manly.

Because you have always been the first to mention devotions and you’ve taught them how to pray.

Because you work 15 hour days without complaining and still have time for “date night”.

Because you took a 2 year old on errands and out to coffee so I could have a break.

Because you’ve never said you “babysit” your own children.

Because you decided a king size bed was necessary if only because there would then be room for all four of us to snuggle in the morning.

Because you are the first one to say “What’s wrong?” and the last one to say “Suck it up!”

Because you treat me with respect and demand the boys do as well.

Because you think three commandos shooting darts at me in bed is a great idea for fun and wrestling in the living room is a serious sport.

Because you take very seriously the role you have in molding these precious little minds and raising up G-dly young men.

Because you’ve laid down dreams and ambitions so we could live together and raise our children.

Because you are the most amazing man I’ve ever known.

Happy Father’s Day.

Just because.