July 15, 2006

It’s 11:51pm and I don’t have a thing to do tomorrow so I’m staying up late.

It’s a warm summer night. The world smells like cut grass.

If you have half your brain intact and you are paying attention you will see that I’ve been a bit, um, more agressive than usual this week. Apparently I have been feeling like an Israeli soldier with a bucket full of grenades on an overpass and a Hamas convoy stalled right below.


That last thought made me giggle.

  • Life keeps throwing me curve balls and I’m tired of tilting at windmills. But am I tired enough to actually implement the change I know is necessary to precipitate the chrysalis I believe is possible? Or will I wake up tomorrow with one more excuse and waste yet another day?
  • Why are all my consistent readers men? Maybe there are women out there who read but don’t comment. I don’t write to a male audience but then I don’t share many recipes or try to re-define the meaning behind scrapbooking. I would think my perspective distinctly unfeminine if not for all the women I meet who reluctantly admit they are eager for an honest, real perspective. Women who are tired of the endless hamster-wheel of Polite Society and Christian Expectation. At least, that’s what they tell me. But maybe it’s all a ruse to get me to shut up. Not many women say muscle cars and handguns are sexy. There’s got to be more than one.

Well, enough deep thoughts for tonight.

Peace, Jerusalem. May those who cry out for Adonai be saved.