July 19, 2006

Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

Well, apparently there is a small but thriving community of arab Believer’s there and a church. Apparently there are jews, arabs and christians of both identities coming together to worship Messiah. Westerners are welcome in the same manner as any who call upon His Name.

We should pray for them today. I know I will be.

I just got this in my inbox. Names have been scrubbed to protect the identies of some decent folks. I just didn’t have a way to contact them and ask if I could put their names out there. You understand, I’m certain.


Shalom (in our hearts anyway) from Poriyya Illit.

Nazareth just got hit with at least two rockets, one landed only one hundred meters away from both the Nazarene Church and Nazareth Village. We talked with *****, all is well and they are in their bomb shelter, and we talked with our volunteers **** and ***, who are safe and in a bomb shelter as well.

Some of you have been in contact with ****about ******, an ** year old Israeli Arab from Nazareth. The second rocket that hit Nazareth hit about 20 meters away from *****’s home, killing three neighbors, two of them children who were playing in their yard.

The video that Fox News is showing is from the rocket that landed near the congregation and the village. This attack on Nazareth, which is completely populated by Arabs, has all of us in Israel scratching our heads. If anywhere in the north was thought to be safe, everyone though it would be Nazareth; when Tiberias first got hit, our friends in Nazareth invited us to come and stay with them so we would be safe.

We’ve got a big fire burning south of us, but we can’t tell where/how it began.”

These friends and distant Family of G-d are in the middle of a fairly scary situation right now. There are folks in Israel who have been in bunkers for a week already. There is little I can do for them now in physical ways.

But as always, I can pray.