July 20, 2006

I just have to tell you how sweet my boys are.

This morning I wake up with a Headache from HELL and my whole body hurts. My 6 year old crawls in next to me, rubs my back for a minute and then asks “what can I do for you, Mommy?” I mumble something about the fan and don’t worry about it.

He kisses my head and runs off. Since I don’t feel great they are allowed to watch cartoons in the living room. I didn’t expect to hear from them in at least 45 minutes.

10 minutes later he comes in with a tray. Breakfast in bed. 1 talking rain grapefruit (juice) :), two pieces of dry spelt toast, strawberry preserves (the big jar) and a bowl of shredded wheat. A very big bowl of shredded wheat.

I’m not hungry. The thought of food makes me ill at this moment and this is 3x the breakfast I usually eat.

Pitter pat, pitter pat of little feet and when I crack an eyeball I see the Pepto on the tray as well.

“Are you gonna eat the breakfast I made you, Mama?”

As if at this point I had a choice.