July 20, 2006



Big Cat. What do you recommend for a good digital stage piano? Cowboy, you’re in music circles… What do you think?

Anyone else do music out there?

I’m shopping.

I love the Yamaha P120, would be willing to settle for a P70 but no lower. My expense budget requires something not quite so “well-reviewed” and I would love some feedback.

I don’t need strong MIDI capabilities, elaborate sounds or tons of technical. What I do want is really great grand piano sound, realistic “touch”/weighted keys. Onboard speakers are not necessary as I have access to a system already.

Just thought I’d throw it out there. Besides, if I can get an elektronik piano I might treat ya’ll to a few sound bytes. It’s kind of like a 12 year olds recital. If you like me you smile and clap even if your ears are bleeding… If you don’t you throw popcorn and flirt with the knock out red head in the third row.