July 27, 2006

I’m putting this here because Haloscan is retarded and I can’t post it to the right thread at Res Ispa’s

It’s a reponse to Spacebunny about submission.

Here goes. Maybe we can have some fun too.


You said “…if the wife is a Christian and her husband is not she is [still]held to the standard of submission. However, what if his decision is for the family to become Mormon or something worse? Does she go along with this and submit to his authority?

I still hold to the belief that if the wife is pursuing godliness many of our modern issues will solve themselves. That being said…

Physical abuse should never be tolerated. Ever. Even if both parties are believers. ESPECIALLY THEN.

Verbal abuse is highly overrated and sensationalized by emotional women and weak men. I find it silly. I know it happens. But the situations where it is truly harmful are much fewer and further between than the local psychobabbler would have us believe. Still, if he (the unbeliever) chooses to treat you harshly and you are living as godly a life as you know how? Consider the text Res mentioned above in 1 Corinthians. Have you asked your unbelieving spouse if they still “want you”?

We are never without free will. You can choose to stay even if he doesn’t wish for you to stay. But at least know where the responsibility lies.

As for spiritual issues such as joining a cult, etc. I believe those type of situations would lead you from following after G-d and that is never to be tolerated. Ever. If you husband wishes to be a Moonie, that is his free will at work. If he insists that you and your 2 babies follow along and you have a faith in Christ?

I don’t believe that you should submit to that request/command.

In ancient Hebrew culture there were laws that superceded all others. The 1st was that you could not worship any G-d but Elohim. The second was the law of preserving life. The third was sexual immorality. (I may be confused a bit on this part, please feel free to correct me.)

All the others were subject to this law. Your soul, your physical well-being and your moral fortitude were to be protected at all cost.

I think as a believer in any situation if we held to these premise we would find ourselves much more able to think clearly.

That was fun.