August 1, 2006

Blogging is for me, about writing. About taking thoughts and concepts from their little cubby holes in my heart and putting them out for me to examine and evaluate. Writing is not an escape, it is part of my process. Sometimes I ponder for a day or two, write in a flurry and then play piano for hours while I process what I just wrote. I don’t write about exclusively political or religious things. I try not to write solely the life experience of a mom/housewife. Yawn. I write from my perspective on life. Yours, mine, ours, someone else’s. I try to write clearly and succintly. I hold to the belief that if it can be said in 10 words I should try to say it in 7.

But writing, good writing to be precise, is about finesse. It’s not about the bold and shocking it’s about the little red hat in the middle of a grey film which captivates you. It’s the insinuated grief mingling with the circumstances of your life and kindling emotion within you. We become empathic through words and concepts presented subtly. We become numb when we are constantly bombarded with harsh and overpowering prose.

I get tired of the shock value of some writing. Abundant use of expletives by persons who lack the intelligence to even swear creatively.

Intrique me, woo me with words that play brilliantly on the chords of common concerns. Inspire me with stories that strip away the layers of societal acceptablitity and leave the beating heart of humanity pounding for attention.

Write what you know. Write what moves you when it does. Find different words to express a common thought so that we can all examine it from a different perspective.

Write as you are. Not as a psuedo-intellectual if you are not. Write as a mother of 4 in a suburban jungle. Write as a 42 year old man who longs for the warmth of a bride. Write as the seeking believer who doesn’t have all the right answers but may be afraid to admit it. Write as an executive, a soldier, a friend.

When we write honestly we become interesting. When we write to impress we fail.