August 13, 2006
…Voyeurism of a mundane sort….

  • I spent the better part of today shoveling rocks, packing rocks and digging in the dirt. My baby boy found a worm, named it Skippy and forced it to live in a tubular shaped piece of broken pottery. We fought over the logistics of moving 40 miles out of town and then we made up over burritos at Taco Time. BTW, the burritos sucked.
  • Tomorrow we tackle the office. Gag. It’s “man space” and my man doesn’t find clutter bothersome. Being highly visual and a little ADD lot’s of clutter makes my brain fritz. Organizational Tourrette’s has been known to cause quite a bit of friction.


  • I’m tired. My pinkie hurts. On my right hand. I didn’t know how much I used the pinkie finger of my right hand. I also can now tell you with some measure of confidence that I do indeed possess muscle underneath the fat. Seeing is believing.
  • I have a “new” saddle for the pony. An English jumping saddle. Nothing like a Mexican jumping bean. My saddle is legal. I think it may be small for my not so petite rear end. I won’t know until I try. Speaking of tack, I need to get a saddle pad and a saddle bag.
  • Blogdom is boring or heartwrenching or politically embroiled in matters which do not interest me. I’m tired of being preached at by people who make very little effort to hide the fact they don’t know what the hell they are saying.

And those are the thoughts in my curly headed brain. Aren’t you glad you stopped by?