August 16, 2006

I just got home from grocery shopping.

I emptied and sorted the food into it’s respective places.

I lugged the large container onto the counter, cut through the “safety” plastic and removed the outer lid. The secondary lid was apparently tightened into place by the Incredible Hulk and after some working on it and a few expletives, I managed to unscrew it.

And there I see the THIRD safety device. Try as I might, it wouldn’t peel back by the 1/32″ tab they gave me to pull. I poked at it with a butter knife to no avail. Finally, in a burst of inspiration, I jabbed scissors through the top. It peeled back reluctantly, no less than 4 pieces of foil lined cardboard lay on my counter when I was finished.


I then took the container and emptied it into the storage container. But I must confess that I was a little frustrated and more than a little puzzled.

I understand the need for hermetically sealed containers and the risk of tampering and all, but…