August 17, 2006
URGENT!!!!!!!!! Please pray…. Please!

I received this in my email this morning. You can imagine how sick I feel right now.

“A young boy I know is missing from his bed this morning. The boy’s name is Daniel. He’s a beautiful, cherubic blond 12 year old boy.

When his parents awoke at 2:00am to with his younger sister, he was in bed asleep. At 5:30 am or so they discovered he was not in his bed. His glasses and coat were there. The police have already been to the home.

He is a sweet and gentle young man who loves the Lord! “

I know this boy. He is non-functional without his glasses and he is not the “runaway” type. He’s a homeschooled, sweet, quiet boy who schools his younger siblings. A fantastic kid.

They live less than a mile from me. Their windows were closed and their doors were locked. My husband is joining the search and will be canvasing our neighborhood as well as checking in the large undeveloped acreage around us.

I will be at home. Praying and holding my babies. Tightly.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything. As of now he’s been missing for almost 8 hours.


No more news about his whereabouts, but apparently, he’d been under quite a bit of pressure lately and was a little burnt out at home. The big deal is that when they booted up his computer to see if they could figure anything else out? His hard drive went kablooey…. If your mind is as suspicious as mine you’re puking into a toilet right now.