August 28, 2006

I’m tired of compassion. I don’t give a rat’s shiny pink pucker about tolerance.

The next time I hear it I may become Intolerant of the whole deal.

What has tolerance brought us? Do we see any advancement in our civilization? What happened to the futuristic utopia we were promised if we all just “got along”?

It’s beyond stupid. Is our civilized society so genuinely myopic that they are blind to the destruction they are bringing upon themselves?

I have a severe prejudice against the public school system. It sucks. It is a rotting cess pool of Lord of the Flies rejects jockeying for position around the leader of the moment. Why anyone would choose to send their children into the war zone is beyond me.

I used to hear the defense from Christian parents about little Tommy and Evie being “lights” and “little missionaries”.

Bull. That is a load of crap. What light does a 10 year old shine in an environment where someone else does the talking and the indoctrination 8 hours a day? How much time do these parents spend re-teaching the same principles and values to the children? Things that should become foundational become marginal and insignificant because they don’t match up to the majority of the information the kids are receiving.

Then there are the “real world” arguments.

What is “real” about junior high and high school? What did you learn in that environment that prepared you for your life today? Was it gym class where you learned that David H. had freckles on his ass and Colleen never showered? How about Biology where you were taught the ridiculously defunct theory of evolution?

What was it about the mindless little sheep, brainless little follower mentality of the indoctrination center that gave you the ability to think for yourself and create a positive work environment?

If you were popular, you learned that success was measured by the adulation and praise of those around you. You learned that as long as you performed to the standard that the masses demanded, you were acceptable. That doesn’t translate well to an office where the product is more important than the performance.

If you were smart you learned that it wasn’t always acceptable to be the smartest. Sometimes that would get you beat up after school for showing up the popular kid. Your GPA doesn’t always make for a cozy date to the prom.

If you were artsy/creative/alternative you had to find your “group” to hang with so that with the strength in your numbers you could finally just “be who you really are”. Even if it looks like everyone else.

If you were unattractive, smart and artsy? You’re just plain screwed.

Was it the football team that helped prepare you for the corporate world or the self-employed world or the blue collar world? Did the sex ed class give you the tools you needed to succeed in your small business? Not unless you are Heidi Fleiss… Always an exception to the rule.

The Education system of our nation has very little to do with preparing you to be an individual. Big Brother doesn’t care about your unique drive/personality/direction. It actually does the very opposite.

The more you fit with the herd, the better received you become. The less you fit in, the more you are marginalized and eventually, for all to many, you are eliminated from the “game”. Little automatons for the state. Goose-stepping in orderly rows to the tune of the Pied Piper of Washington. {That was a delicious mix of metaphors, if I say so myself.}

Whom do these kids grow to become? They can defy the odds and become Bill Gates (uber nerd who made it big) or vanish into the woodwork and spend their entire lives trying desperately to fit an identity which doesn’t mesh with reality.

Why would I send my children into the skool system to “prepare” them for the “real world”. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? How does turning 14,15,16,17 change that?

And little lights of holiness?

That’s just mind numblingly asinine.