September 21, 2006

Walmart at 9am is not a pretty place. But the Mr. has succumbed to my cold/flu and needed appropriate medication.

I happily oblige. I was going to say gleefully, but he’s been remarkably kind whilst I’ve been sick. Except for Monday. Which was his birthday and he dragged us all around town. I slept in the car. Kind of like a road trip without a great destination.


Did you know that I can no longer purchase Advil Cold & Sinus without a prescription? I didn’t. Not until yesterday.

That means I have to have MY DOCTOR call into the pharmacy so I can buy Advil and a decongestant.

It’s so mind numbingly stupid I am floored. Speechless.

Ahh, but tomorrow we begin to celebrate Rosh HaShanah.

There will be lamb stuffed with rosemary, garlic, shallots and parmesan. Wine and challah. Candles and fellowship.

Then cheesecake and apple pie, honeycake and Moroccan Almond cigars. Coffee and laughter.

I will still eat grapes for dessert. I learned my lesson.

But today, I must clean and educate and discipline and love and launder and mentor and organize and feed and build and love and invoice and purchase and laugh and love.

That’s today.