Educator Seductresses

September 27, 2006

I was at WND today reading yet again, about some woman seducing/manipulating/copulating/molesting a child/minor under their care.

This topic repulses and fascinates me. To be clear, it fascinates me like a train wreck or the nightly news.

What is it that motivates these women to lust after males that in a “normal” world would inspire nurture and compassion? Is it demonic? Societal? Evolutionary? Is it even true and not some fabrication of MSM to sell stories?

How many of these women were within 5 years of their “partner”? How many were more than 10? Does it really matter?

The teacher/student line has become blurred. Many years ago most teachers “educated” but did not fraternize. Those who did fraternize did so from a position of mentoring. For the most part.

There were still those darn RCC priests and Letourneau was exposed years ago. How old are the kids now? 12? Shouldn’t they be married by now?

We live in a crazy world. Why exactly are we surprised when women become predators? They have been programmed for the last 34 years to demand their own way, accomodate every impulse and then embrace their freedom to rip their own children from their bodies and swirl them down a nameless porcelain sink in little pink pieces without so much as a whimper. It’s their inalienable right and its their own damn body so screw anyone who gets in their way!

If it’s “my body, my choice” when she’s getting “rid of an inconvenience” with no regard to the other human being is it really much of a stretch to believe that “my body, my choice” is a root cause for women to demand sexual fulfillment from another being whether or not consent is possible?

We, as a society, are suddenly appalled when the product of our great utopia of murder and mayhem produces murder and mayhem. Hypocrites. All of them.

The 9th Circus is pissed because they didn’t think to validate and legalize all these little Letourneau’s earlier. NAMBLA is pissed because these women are taking away their little boy toys. The RCC is relieved because maybe now scrutiny on their own indescretions will be somewhat alleviated.

The rest of us are slowly waking up to the fact that while “good men stand by and do nothing”, evil is having a field day.