October 19, 2006

I’ve moved to Beta… Like a lot of the new features, but apparently I’m too stupid to make Haloscan work.

Any ideas? The Template deity doesn’t like and is telling me that I have bad script.

This is effecting my sense of self-worth.

Any ideas that don’t involve vodka and a hammer?

Btw, housewarming gifts are welcomed and appreciated for the new place.

  • Triton

    Welcome to beta-land. How is it different from the old blogger?

  • Billiam

    Here’s a plant…
    I’ll be watching your blog more to see how it is and how you like it. I thought about switching, but, since I’m getting old, I’m also set in my ways.. lol

  • eaglewood

    When I switched to Beta, I kept my old template so I could keep Haloscan. You can always revert back to your old template. Blogger kept a copy of it when you updated your template.

    As soon as Haloscan will give instructions on making it work with the new template system I will convert over to the new system.

  • heidi

    Well, I’m a dork and didn’t save anything and am too impatient to try to go find it. Hopefully this new change won’t scare everyone away….

    As for the features of beta? Some of them are very nice and user friendly. Unfortunately, when they make something hard to figure out they were serious.


  • MikeT

    It’s been over three years since I used Blogger… Movable Type and WordPress are actually a lot less painful to deal with.