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90 Degrees and Counting

August 16, 2012

Well, it’s getting hot out here. Yep, smokin’.

The forest is on fire in Central Oregon, I can’t breathe without the ever-present and uber-sexy inhaler while the internets are all abuzz with the excitement of an upcoming elections between poop on a stick and poop in a bag.

Everywhere I look there is controversy, conundrums, and catcalls.  Really, there’s no option here but to make fun of them all.

Yep, I propose to make it my life’s mission to take none of them seriously and myself least of all.

So here, because I like lists, are a list of the things which I have not been paying attention to during The Most Important Time On Earth:

1. I didn’t watch the Olympics.  Other than a couple clips on Youtube, I avoided them.  If I wanted to watch really fit people exert themselves I can do that downtown in the town in which I live.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to watch the ath-a-letes, rather I couldn’t handle the announcers and their inane commentary.  Ashton Eaton is from my town.  The best ath-a-lete in the world, winner of the gold in the decathalon.  Dude.  That’s some serious awesome there.  I even went so far as to like him on Facebook.  We’ve bonded.  I had a gigantic fudge-cicle in his honor.

2. I have not been reading political commentary on teh Candidates.  I knew I didn’t want to vote for Romney when I realized his name is close to Rommel.  Just kidding.  I know just enough to realize that there is no genuine quantifiable difference between the Republikaans and the Democraps.  In fact, I have determined that voting this year is kinda like Sophie’s choice. Except in this scenario, I dislike them both.  There are a couple of politicians in my sphere here in Oregon.  A state rep and a state senator.  Good guys.  Nice families. Lots of friends in common.  *Like*  I think I’ll keep my attention local and wait of the Thugs in Washington to duke it out.

3. I have not gone camping.  This is sad.  On an epic level.  Just too busy.  Want to buy an RV.  That would extend the camping season and the likelihood of actually visiting the great out doors.  I’m too delicate for tent camping any more.  Hate, (read despise), sleeping on the ground.

4. I have not been avoiding the movies.  Dark Knight Rises was enjoyable.  The boybots found it immensely likeable. Why did I like it? Because Christian Bale is hot.  Michael Caine is golden and it didn’t have Mrs. Tom Cruise in it.  Anne Hathaway? As Catwoman?  LOVE!   Avengers was brilliant. Hulk smash! “Silly little gods!” Robert Downey Jr. I kinda crushed out over him. “Billionaire. Philanthropist. Playboy”.  *sigh* Ruffalo as Hulk deserves his own movie Seriously.  And most importantly?  Laughed myself silly. -er.  Sillier.   Prometheus, IMAX 3D.  Super-groovy.  It seems they are starting a new series though.

5.  I have not spent a great deal of time thinking about people who don’t care about me and mine.  This has freed up an immense amount of room on my brain-drive.

6.  I have not read the brain candy books I usually enjoy.  What’s on my reading list?  Longmire series by Craig Johnson.  He’s the 2nd cousin of a casual acquaintance I went to Bible Study with.  So, yeah, I’m kinda famous.  What else?  Brothers Karamazov by Dosteovsky. I hear the chapter “The Grand Inquisitor” or something is “amazing!”  I am 12 chapters into Bonhoeffer for my book club with a dive into “Amusing Ourselves To Death” by Neil Postman coming up after.  Of course, there is always a slew of free Kindle books of varying degrees of sci-fi putrescence and brilliance that I find enjoyable.

7.  I have not been schooling my children regularly.  We are having a “life summer” where we spend lots of time doing the stuff that builds a deeper bond.  We  mountain bike. A lot.  We have explored trails,  rivers, dead end roads, and avoided Serious Education in lieu of Real Life Experience.

8. I have not been stressing about my son having skin cancer.  Ok. Maybe that’s a total fabrication.  But it’s now all gone, sewed up and other than the awesome scar on the side of his head? He’s all better.

9.  I have not been writing a lot.  It’s not that I don’t have things to say, I just lost my discipline to do so regularly.  My readership, as paltry as it is, has some crossover into my Real Life and I struggle with the balance of “over-sharing” or the temptation to stay Mommy-blogger safe when most of my thoughts worth sharing are not Mommy-blogger approved and can expose people I care about.

10.  I have not worked on my book. Not even a little.  I have a skeleton but it’s kinda Ezekiel’s dry bones sans the Spirit of God.  Again the discipline issue rears it’s ugly head.

And that’s what I think about that.