November 6, 2006

I love words. A myriad of different meanings lie within most. Words have power. Invisible, formidable. Power.

They can separate us from each other or build and fortify our identities. They can freeze us in a place of weakness or become the impetus that drives us forward.

Sticks and stones create wounds that can be obviously healed. Words can slice deeply, disappear and then reappear within a moments notice to show that they are embedded even more deeply than we could imagine.

They are the sleeper agents within our psyche.

But I love words. For without even touching another person I can create a response from them. With a few well-placed syllables I can weave a story, make a stand, rebel against the status quo.

The only thing that frustrates me about words in this blogiverse which I dwell with the unwashed masses is that you aren’t able to hear the inflection.

And that can often have more weight than an entire conversation full of $20 words.

  • Morris

    You’re so right about that. A friend of mine (I’m glad she’s a friend and not an enemy!) can strip the flesh off someone with just the inflection ..

  • Difster

    I have managed to find way to get across some inflection while writing. A well placed ellipse, bold faced type, italics and the occasional shouting of all capital letters can really add a lot of inflection to writing.

    In my blog I tend not to cling to heavily to accepted writing standards in regards to those things. That way my writing at least approaches the way I speak.

  • Serena

    Words combined with inflection and also body language have the most power and are the least misunderstood. Though, I would say the potential for misunderstanding is always there. I think you are gifted in the use of words and I would especially enjoy hearing them with the inflection added.

    Love and shalom,

  • Big Cat

    I love words to, but without the conviction of commitment the ring hollow. I tend to observe for a while before buying into what people say.