January 11, 2009

It’s an end

It’s a beginning

Without wings

Without fanfare

With only quiet

With only us.

In the space of an instant

Everything changes

And we are

Convinced we must


No matter how weak

No matter how far

No matter how much

We feel we can not

We must.

So this beginning

When it ends

Can find us in a place

That looks nothing

Like this.

And if I cry

It will be for help

From the only One

Who understands

And if I stand

It will be on the One

Who never stumbles or


And when I question

And when I rage

And when I am exhausted

From the pain of unmet

Expectation and broken


He will still be

The Only One

Who remains.

So, let’s begin.


  • momma dragon

    so good.. I love your poetry.

  • AJW308

    Good poem.

    Church, yesterday, they fessed up on a huge financial lie they tried pulling over us.

    One of those things where a lie was told, then, I think, the ‘best plan’ was to just wait it out and, in time, it ‘wouldn’t matter’.

    Except they got caught and now talk of ‘earning trust’.

    Weaslely lying bastards.

  • AJ, ick. I’m sorry. That’s obnoxious. Hey, at least they had the stones to confess. Small favors, eh?

  • julie Thompson

    I love this. Your words of inspiration. Your Jewel