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A Grateful Heart

September 19, 2008

My oldest son asked me an interesting question the other day… He asked why people are still aborting their babies. After all, they could have been aborted themselves. He thought they should be so thankful to be alive that they would do all they could to make sure as many other lives were saved.

A grateful heart.

My mom was told to abort me. She was “older”, it was 1974 and abortion was “all the rage”. She didn’t. I’m real glad, my husband is glad and so are my kids. Their lives are no more precious than mine.

I have pondered that thought for several days. Shouldn’t we be infinitely grateful that we are alive? Shouldn’t we take that gratitude and pay it forward?

Instead we are a culture of death. From infanticide to euthenasia, from child abuse to senior abuse. Violence and murder in our entertainment, immorality and self-indulgence everywhere.

I like to study human nature. Objectively. *smirk*

One of the things I like to do is read personal ads. First because they are funny to me in a sad, sick little way.  I mean, seriously… How many ways can you sugarcoat “I wanna get laid but don’t want to actually put out the effort to be presentable, interesting, intelligent or committed to another human being”?

What I have seen is an abandonment of the sociatal mores and pleasantries we often still find necessary in public interaction. Craigslist.com is a cesspool of missed connections and casual encounters. The bleed out of what we have fed ourselves in the privacy of our own homes is beginning to show it’s rotten little core. It’s black little poison heart. Selfishness is not limited  in it’s scope of destruction of anyone who might stand in the way of your own desires being fulfilled. There will be no dying to self in most scenarios.

Even and especially among Christians. Believers.

Which is the opposite of the grateful heart we are expected to have. The “but G-d” we leave out of the equation.

I see the vapid little soccer mom with her frazzled face and screaming children and know that I have been there and I would still be there, but G-d… I see the friend full of bitterness and her destroyed marriage and I can only think… But G-d… I see pictures of little one’s abandoned to the knife of a callous certified destroyer of innocence and I shudder. But G-d.

Yes. I have a grateful heart. I am grateful to be alive and I want to bring life where ever and however I can. And yes I think we should be very careful, those of us who walk in the Light, to consider how and what we do.

Every moment. Of every day. We have a higher calling and the opportunity to see the end from the beginning. We know where our societies will go if we only pay attention. We know that we aren’t headed from some sci-fi eutopian society. We are headed for chaos, destruction and disaster.

Bitterness, selfishness and death will not carry us through.

  • Haven’t been around in a while, been very busy.

    Some very insightful stuff you’ve written here. I do think that there seems to be a trend of the younger generation seeing the devastation that abortion has wrought.

    I saw a survey somewhere that suggested that the 18-25’s were far more opposed to abortion today than 10 years ago.

    Think of all the children who would be potential relatives, friends and even spouses of our children. It really is appalling how many of our societies future children are gone.

  • I am glad that you included selfishness. It seems to be a pandemic! No one wants to be “punished with a child” or suffer the cruel fate of not spending the first 30 or so years of life as a child.

  • Serena

    My older son, who is 15, just spent a week and a half with his dad in Florida. He knows his dad is far from the L-rd with his lifestyle, but he was heartbroken when he found out that he now believes in abortion. He told me that it was so hard to see how far his dad has gone from the L-rd. It was encouraging to me to see my son’s discernment, but a grief to me as well, since I had spent almost 20 years of my life with him and had 5 children because of him. The hallmark of the lifestyle his dad has chosen to live is selfishness and the fruit of it is what he now believes.

    Love and shalom,

  • Wow!

    Nice blog! I really enjoyed the visit. God Bless!!!


  • When I found out I was pregnant my mother’s advice to me was exactly this,

    “If I could do it over again, I would have had an abortion.”

    Meaning, I, Wonder Woman would not have had the life I have been so blessed with. Makes ya think…

    Dumbass 🙂