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A Peek Into My Mr’s Perspective

July 19, 2010

FYI, while the Mr. doesn’t do the “blog thing” I read him what I write and we’ve been discussing it.  In our spare time…  While I’ve been writing this last series of observations there have been some really good conversations and now he’s decided to call me Dr. Ruth.


I asked my husband last night if he was ever “too tired”.   He laughed and gave me an answer I wasn’t expecting…

“Not if all I wanted was sex.   But it’s not just me I’m thinking about.   Sometimes I’ll wait in order to make sure we both get what we need.”

Anyone still wondering why I adore the man?

  • Dr. Ruth?

    Do you have a funny accent?

    Sex as intended involves a process of growing to relational maturity. Its no surprise to me that a husbands sexual fulfillment is tied to his wife’s enjoyment. There is no better love making than knowing that your mate is on the verge of orgasmic overload. Anytime, hormones, emotions, pride in your manhood and sexual release come together, its better than just a release of tension.

  • You are truly blessed!