This is me. Heidi Stone. 22 years as wife to Brian, mom to Isaac (19) & Dillon (17).

I would love having you over for dinner so we can be full and talk long and deep around the table. But, instead, I have this blog where I attempt to recreate the same thing.

Full disclosure, I am a terrible housekeeper, an inconsistent homeschooler, a recovering control freak and a lover of small dogs. Caffeine makes me sleepy but a good cup of coffee makes me smile.

I am a writer and teller of stories and thoughts about family, faith, and fellowship.

I am writing the story God gave me  When My Voice Shakes.

This whole blog thing only works when I remember that I’m not shouting into the wind but talking to people.

Married, through weakness and strength and failure and redemption, to Brian. We exist because God redeems.

Welcome!  And thank you for joining me here.

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and settle in while I share what I see from over here and look forward to hearing from you about what life is like over there.

Above all, be encouraged in your faith and strengthened in your walk.




  • Heidi, I love your new place here! Great colors – and I hadn’t seen the above photo of you before, it’s awesome! Happy New Year!

  • Dad

    Why didn’t you give me this site?

    Isleloveyou (0X)
    Glad to be…..Your Dad

  • Teri

    You sound a lot like me (attempting to live my life without pretense the best that I can…but often a screw up). I look forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you.

  • love the new site. beautiful (just like you!!)

  • B.b. Jacobson

    Your writing. Conventional standards are clearly forgotten because your writing has arms and legs and facial expressions that appear in the room where my writing lay breathless. Keep up the good work. God bless.