And you shall have a gadget

February 12, 2008

And the wondrous capabilities of her (Yes, she’s a girl. Seriously!) firmware shall be told from the very housetops of the realm.

And thou shalt name her….


*insert happy thoughts and cascading flower petals*

*cue dancing children and puppies*

And she will be with you, lo, even unto the end of the warranty and beyond. And those who are unable to come nigh unto her and possess her shall weep and travail. And it will be obvious to all that, yea and verily, I am touched.

iPod Touch’d that is…


Isn’t she beautiful? Yes, her name is Clover. What? Huh? You don’t you name all your new electronic babies? Weirdo.

And she was free, although she may cost me millions of brain cells I might miss. Eventually. Maybe…

  • Morris

    Damn, I am sooo jealous, me being a gadget freak and all…

    Just can’t justify the cost of one………yet. I’ll find a way eventually though to talk myself into it *grin*

  • Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful… Oh wait, I mean because I have a beautiful gadget. I would let you look at her from across the room and possibly, if you are very nice and possibly bring me some sort of exotic Australian gift I might let you web-browse (downloads almost instantaneously), play a game or two and listen to the crystal clarity of her sound. Maybe I will even let you scroll rapidly through a large photo database with only the flick of your index finger.

    Maybe… In a month or two, after the honeymoon phase.

    If you are wearing gloves. πŸ˜‰

  • Um, PC. When I hear the name clover, being born and bred in Wisconsin, I see a dairy cow frolicking through the daisies. I’m sorry, but that’s what pops into my head. Now, take courage. Many of my friends tell me that I am unique as to what pops into my head… Just sayin’…

  • Yes, I get the cow reference. We raised and fed and milked the stupid bovines. But CLOVER? Clover smells like heaven and reminds me of warm summer days laying in the middle of the hayfield with Blue (the heeler) as my pillow and Cheyenne (the pony) munching happily away at the fence. Clover reminds me of cloud watching in an endless Montana sky and being so hot that the only option was to ride into the creek up to my horse’s back and “fall off”.

    Clover is a lovely name. *ppffttt* (that’s supposed to be a raspberry)

  • Reuben

    I have been attached to my iPhone since the day I stood in line to get it.

    Being a Mac-aholic, almost anything they come out with, my money starts flying. I passed on the “Air” because it is way to small a unit to do us any good, but I have 5 Macs at home, and one that travels with me everywhere, not counting my iPhone.

    Mine is only the 8GB, but looking at upgrading my wifes, and mine here in the next week or so to the 16GB models.

  • The Mr. just got his iPhone, bricked it, jailbroke it and finally got to use it… He’s in his happy place. We are pretty PC over here, but the iStuff is just too cool to pass up!

    And after we sell the other PC stuff this replaces? Gravy, baby!

  • Clover. Sheesh… lol

  • Reuben


    The day my son was born, he was put to sleep by my iPhone playing some online music from my favorite online radio station.


  • Such geeks!

    But that’s what we love about you. Now my blackberry pearl is starting to look like a Cammadore 64 (the lovely 8-bit home computer with the beautiful green screen!) πŸ™‚

    OK, maybe not that bad…I think I’m just jealous!!!

  • Aw shucks… Yes,yes we are! But you are going to freak when you see all the possibilities! Amaz-a-zing!

  • AJW308

    bricked it, jailbroke it


  • Athor Pel

    When I saw the word ‘Clover’ in your post, the first thing that went through my head was a certain coffee making machine called a ‘Clover’. It is a coffee ‘gadget’ so it is within the scope of this post.



  • Clover: Ireland medow, fresh rain, sheep nearby… SPRING!