Anyone up for a writers retreat?

July 8, 2008

We could meet up here, I’ll bring steak and good wine.  Heck, I’ll even offer to do all the cooking.  And that’s a pretty sweet offer.

Any takers?

One caveat.

Leave BS and bad attitudes at home.   I have had more than I can handle in the last year.

  • I think I’d like to live there! Wow!

  • Beautiful spot!

  • FunnyFunnyGalsSis

    I’m in,when can we leave?

  • Big Cat

    Do you have to actually be a writer?

  • Well, are you literate? YOU QUALIFY! 🙂

  • Doom

    Interesting. But I am afraid of “writing events” for some odd reason. Oh, when I am on the road, I generally pack my “history and attitude” in a little box so that I may go have fun. That does look idyllic though.

    In any event, I hope you get to go and meet writers, and readers! I think some of the best writers had to begin as superior readers?

  • Sounds great. Wish I could go… 🙁

  • It would be nice to be with a group who would leave all the BS behind. Have nice meals, some great drinks, lay back conversations and writing with that view …. nice.

  • Sounds heavenly! And Big Cat, based on your entries in my Haiku Contest, you ARE a writer. A talented one.


    Sounds like so much fun Heidi!

    WW 🙂

  • Are you really? Seriously, let me know.