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May 17, 2008


I think it was sometime between 1985-1989 when I grew out of that term. Although I knew about it, it first became important when I met Tamara in 7th grade. As I grew up, I began to realize how much I despise exclusivity of any kind among friends and eventually my desire for a Best Friend Forever dissipated.

In 1994 I met this guy and married him and he’s my best friend. We have a kinda special relationship though and it’s a GREAT thing that we are exclusive. To be otherwise is, well, not recommended….

Sorry, I digress. BADLY!

The BFF was a concept I rarely thought of until I was recently presented with the concept of “Salt Covenant”.

Has anyone else heard about this? If you haven’t, here’s a rough synopsis.

It’s a promise, a covenant, between friends intended to solidify their relationship and elevate its’ importance to that of an “eternal” level. It is officially begun through a process, an “ancient Hebrew ritual”, where you both bring salt, you mix your separate salt into one bowl, dip bread in the mixed salt and consume the salt from both parties. The gist is that just as you cannot separate the salt again, and you will always have a part of that other persons “salt” in your body because it has been consumed, your life is now intrinsically and elementally connected to the life of the other person. You scoop up your portion and take it home. You take a bit of that other person’s goods with you. Forever.

Essentially? It’s the new and improved BFF. For grown-ups and really “spiritual” Christians.

But eternal? As in FOREVER? As in more binding than just being grafted into the same Vine, part of the same Body and Joint Heirs? More binding than salvation? More binding than being brothers and sisters in the faith?

When we are offered all this and the wonderful benefits of being a part of the family of G_d, why would we take a step backward to just being “friends”?

Well, I’ve got some more thoughts on what it means to be “salt” in this world and to each other, but it’s 87 degrees outside, there is fun downtown and I look cute.

Must. GO. PLAY!!!!!