Book of Eli

January 19, 2010

I went and saw this movie yesterday.  Fantastic.  Really, really fantastic.  Theologically sketchy… Duh.  It’s a movie, folks, not a dissertation on eschatology.

I’d write a review but this guy at Worldnet Daily did it much better.   “Box Office Bible Hero Kicks Serious Butt” AND he did it without obnoxious spoilers like when ********** did ********** with ************ and it was freaking ********** so I was like OMGOSH! and then….
You know, like that.
I could start an entire “Book of Eli” discussion group following this film.
But the one thing I CANNOT get out of my head?

Shaking hands…

Yeah… Go see it.  You’ll understand why.   It’s not Avatar- must-see-on-big-screen amazing but the message and thought behind it were spectacular.   And who doesn’t love Gary Oldman in a cold, creepy serpentine character, huh?
  • I have to say, I saw the review you mentioned and was intrigued. The fact that I really like Denzel Washington as an actor doesn’t hurt.

    A movie dealing with God, the Bible and the Christian faith and it is NOT horribly offensive to Christians? That’s a rarity these days…

  • Eaglewood and I have been itching to see this one! It is good to know that someone else thinks it worth seeing.

  • Pablo

    I saw it last weekend and enjoyed it as well. I usually don’t like post-apocalyptic savages-in-a-desert-wasteland movies but this one was good, and I liked the twists.
    Oh, and those shaking hands…