Brain Lint

June 30, 2008

For reasons unknown to me, I have, recently, been unable to sleep past 5:30.   This has given me the opportunity to go on very long walks in the morning with my dog.

Not really a bad thing, eh?

The puppy went to jail last week.  Funny story.  I’ll have to tell you all about it later.  Right now, all I’m working with is brain lint…

Parents were coming through on their way somewhere else and showed up a whole day early…  They are staying in a hotel which just makes me cringe, but I am thankful for the pool!

Had a very disturbing dream.   Very.  Now I have to try to work through that all morning before we head off to make breakfast in their suite.

My house is not cluttered or simply disorganized.  It’s a disaster of biblical proportion.  I may melt down and stomp feet and throw things.   Or not.

I need to get my hair done.   Apparently that’s not going to happen this week.   Grieve with me.

Going camping this weekend.   How groovy, eh?  I plan to be a slug.