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November 18, 2010

My marshmallow creme jars are shatterproof and my hot cocoa is like the balm of Gilead to my ridiculous self.    And I had a thousand funny dumb things to say that I wanted to giggle about with y’all but the voice recognition software I wanted to use to write something pithy and fantastic about TSA and all the hullabaloo about that listens and translates terribly.  We’ll NOT be using that in the future.

But my comfy chair and toasty fire is sucking my will to live, er, to write.  🙂

Doom likes bullet point bits of life…  And I like lists.

In the immortal words of Kramer,  Giddy-yup!

  • My oldest boy-let made himself a schedule today.  In it he included the requirement to “do something nice for Mom without being asked”.   I mention this not to brag,  he’s just like his dad in that regard,  It’s just that when, in his zeal and concern, he broke my favoritist big Mexican glass pitcher.  And I wanted to be really mad but couldn’t because, like, dood, how obnoxious would that be, huh?
  • I have the attention span of a gnat with ADD.  It’s taken me an entire episode of X-files to write the piddle that appears on this page.
  • People are stupid.  Some more than others.   Some can’t help themselves and others are deluded enough to think their stupidity is merely a level of lucidity the rest of the world fails to comprehend.  Which is true, in a sense, but not really something that works as much for their benefit as they’d like to believe.
  • Am I the only one who sprained their cerebellum trying to make sense of that?
  • The Thanksgiving menu is warming up.   I have a few things that I “always” make… Bourbon Pecan Pie, Potato Rolls, Cornbread Stuffing, Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust.  All capitalized because that reflects their importance.
  • There are several days of cooking, cleaning and preparing involved to make this happen.  Silver to polish, crystal to shine… Oh, the thrilling life I lead.
  • Dang it, I just remembered that I need to make a centerpiece of some kind. And linens to iron.  Oh, thrill me again, Mr. Marvelous.
  • Last night, at a somewhat spiritual and highly enjoyable evening of girlish giggles and discussions of mythical creatures, like a 30 year old virgin male,  we engaged in an exercise, which I prompted, in which we sought to express the things about our friends for which we are thankful and the things that we lift up in prayer for each other.   We are gaggle of girls (4 of us) where three of us know each other extremely well and we are able to speak honestly about such things…  Two sides of paper filled up with observations and comments about me.  None of which reflected anything emotional.    I am 7 of 9.  You will be assimilated… We are Borg.
  • Excessive use of commas doesn’t make you look smarter.  It does make you look like you can’t formulate a concise, coherent thought.   I don’t care.
  • In a group of 10+ Christian ladies at a bible study, all varying ages, I was the only one who mentioned that the person who MOST encourages me in my faith is my husband.  We’re all married or have been married.  2 widows.   Seriously?   Anybody else find that appalling?
  • My dog’s got Game.  And hopefully, in the next few months?  We’ll have pictures of puppies to prove it.
  • Writing a book is hard work and I don’t seem to have a lot of time.   I know that, for whatever divine reason that is beyond  my understanding,  it is the direction I’m supposed to go in…  I’m taking tiny steps.  Hopefully they’ll be enough and I’m trusting God to take care of my mis-firing synapses.
  • We are working on our disaster preparedness “menu”.  There’s so much to learn and so many $$$ to spend, y’know?  Hoping we will be adequately prepared for ourselves and any who might have needs  in the event of  the excrement hitting the oscillating wind producing mechanism.
  • Updated my Droid phone.   New voice app works AWESOME.  No more typing texts for me.  YAY!   No more typing status updates from a touch keyboard with buttons the size of mouse droppings.

And that’s all the brain lint I have for you today.   Please return to your regular programming.

  • Doom

    Ah, advice? Being upset about a good deed gone wrong is not the wrong choice, if some discretion might be good. Don’t fudge on your son’s learning. (my opinion, of course)… Actually, your writing is fine if you did this during X-files. :p Stupid is as stupid does, thankfully, God loves us anywhile (no sprain here, just consternation and three other such words at the facts). Ha! Women ARE borg… I shiver, as do my timbers! I don’t know and I don’t care, I will use commas, one might suspect, commonly and frequently, at my discretion. *double* :p Oh, that is sad. Men were meant to be Christ’s next of kin for women, sort of. Bad men, bad women, both? Good on you though, and your man. Uhrm, if you get puppies, that doesn’t mean game, that means the neighbor’s dog has game. Some things just are not equal… *laughs* *blush* Doh! I am with you on the prepping. Lord knows, it’s a long row to hoe. Nice to have flustered but continuing company on that path:) I… am… resisting the droid! Want, money, techy, but more stuff… ackh.

    Oh, I saved the notion that I am drooling as we speak. Couldn’t talk about food immediately. As for the polishing, that stuff produces magic. People do notice. If they are good, it accelerates them to excellence. Well… I have probably said to much, but since I cannot eat, I will enjoy this. If you are called, you will find a way to write. Be well.

  • Oh, the boys behavior was addressed and he will be replacing what he had broken. That’s only appropriate. But just being angry? That’s not productive. I was so thankful for all the other help he gave I didn’t want to crush his spirit.

    As for the dog with game? It was intentional. He was sent to his little lady friends house for a week with the express intention of creating little Scooby Doo clones. And he, ahem, performed admirably. Hopefully it all took. He’s exhausted and has slept, almost without moving, for almost 5 hours. Just getting up to eat & sleep. It’s a dogs’ life.

  • wendy

    Gnat-sized attention span may have something to do with cocoa? You are very fun to read.

  • This might sound horrible, but I am comforted by the knowledge that you are having some trouble with the writing, too.

    188 words. That’s all I managed to get done last night. A couple of nights, I spent 2-3 hours staring at my screen just trying to get one or two measly sentences to come out properly… At least I managed a paragraph this time.

  • Conust

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