October 24, 2007

Tomorrow at 8:30 I will be going to the Horse Butte Equestrian Center and applying for a part-time position babysitting $10,000+ horses. My job description involves making sure they get fed, wrapped and appreciated. For my trouble I will be compensated some menial amount and receive free board for one very special little arab mare named Lucy.

I can’t remember the last time I interviewed for anything! Yeah, I’m nervous. But the benefits? MILES and MILES of BLM trails, my friend Shane keeps Prince there and we could ride together. Lucy would be closer to me than where I currently keep her, I would have a babysitter close by and an indoor arena to ride in when the weather is atrocious.

That and snuffly velvet noses, big brown eyes and 3 hours, 3-4 times a week where I am free to wander around with magnificent horses.

I’m so nervous. Did I say that already?

*Mystery gift to the person who can correctly identify the reference in the title.


30+ applicants and I got the job. I start Monday and Lucy should be ensconced in her palatial pasture in a premier boarding facility beyond anything I could have ever imagined/afforded for her by the end of next month (if all goes well).